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Permanent Makeup Training provided to students in the following states:

Florida (FL) - Ohio (OH) - Georgia (GA) - illinois (IL) - Michigan (MI) - New York (NY NYC) - Bahamas - North Carolina (NC) - South Carolina (SC)

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Professional Makeup Artistry Class

(20 clock hours)
 3 Days 

Earned Credential Diploma

This is where it all begins...
develop your core foundation into the world of professional makeup .

This program begins your future in endless possibilities the world of Professional Makeup Has to offer .

As an artist you will learn how
to "prepare the canvas" (face) . Preparing the canvas is the first element in every application both beginning and advanced.

As a professional Makeup Artist you will truly
the art and science
behind Makeup. Without training no matter how talented you may be you only apply color to the face.

Learn the difference
between consumer makeup and professional makeup. 
To charge a client you must understand the science . Your clients come to a professional expecting you will be able to do a service they cannot do themselves.

Your clients depend on you as a professional makeup artist to properly choose and create the correct application based on the event they are attending.

Once mastering contouring and highlighting (where to apply the
lightness and darkness)  the canvas (face) is now ready. 

a professional you will then learn how to build the
proper makeup application for events.

These applications are designed for a higher profile client and special events.

Learn to create different looks such as, day/evening look, creating optical illusions with contouring/shadowing, Natural clean beauty, Red Carpet, modern vintage, Event Makeup, Evening Glamour, smokey eyes, and lash applications.
Comprehensive Marketing
- Business Planning (establishing DBA or LLC)
- Step by step business plan to get you started
- Merchant Services
- Assistance in Web site design and SEO
- Continuing Education
- Question Hotline Available from 8am-10pm Daily
- Post graduate alumni support

Multi Media Makeup
| High Def | Airbrush Makeup Training

(20 Cl
ock Hours) 2-3 days

Earned Credential Diploma
Digital film and HDTV show every detail to the extreme. 
Traditional makeup applied to media clients that are to be photographed
or on HD TV can be disastrous to both your career and your client

HD cameras are capable of reading
the slightest amount of streaking and
speckling that might occur if using traditional  makeup products

Traditional makeup can  and will look false and heavy. In most cases face to face your client or an untrained artist may see nothing wrong until the photographs come back. 

Upon Mastering the art of airbrush / media makeup our graduates will work hand on with a top south Florida fashion photographer, real live photo shoot, with fashion models. Students will be put in a real life simulated photo shoot where they will be timed and have to take models from a day look, to evening, to full Glamour, and finish with an artist choice ( this is where you can be creative).

All students will be provided with the digital photos and have a completed portfolio along with behind the scene footage of you on set!  How exciting. Please see our portfolio here

 Makeup Artists specializing in Media Makeup applications must be educated in all aspects of lighting and film. They must also be able to choose which makeup application is best for every media situation.

Airbrush makeup has revolutionized the world of makeup it is the latest
technolgy and is a MUST if you desire working on any client being photographed included bridal.

Our graduates gain events and  clients in some cases simply because they airbrush.

 Media Makeup | Airbrush Artists will have the opportunity to

- Train under Celebrity Makeup  Artists
- Participate in an on location Photoshoot | Video
- Work with top Designers
- Professional Models some who have grace covers of  Magazines
- Top Professional Media Photographers and Videographers
- Professional Photos of your Models 

You will be well rounded in the total aspects of what it takes to be successful in addition to learning a lucrative trade in cosmetics for film , print, fashion, bridal and video.